Company History

Every company has a story, and We are one of those who started small but dedicated enough to cater your needs.

Our Story

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:13

How do you get through the day with mixture of emotions? When one moment you are happy holding your child and another moment, worried and helpless seeing your father sick and dying? How do you juggle being a new mother and a doting daughter? I was clueless and helpless, tired and exhausted. But I held on to one thing, my Faith. I had faith that things will get better.

I was in limbo, did not know what to do when the world seemed falling apart. And when I thought I have seen the worst, another moment of gloom happened. Once again, Iheld on to Faith – my faith told me that God is in control and that I can just cling to Hope. Hope that one day, all the tears will be wiped away.

As day went by, I learned how to deal with sorrow and grief, I became stronger and I slowly got back on track. I am a wife and a mother – still a daughter and sister. I needed my strength to go on. As our family faced yet another challenge, I thought of something to help us get through. I was thinking, “what will my father do?” He may be the missing piece but the values he shared with us remained.

Love your family no matter what. No rain so strong, storm so powerful, thunder so loud can break our family. It was something my father has always taught us.

Getting back on our feet was the primary goal – I got myself involved in a business to help us with our finances. At first it was all obligatory but I found myself getting something more aside from money. It regained my strength, my confidence. It slowly bloomed and I cannot be more thankful.

This business is dedicated to my father. His death paved way to the birth of our company named, Faith, Hope, and Love. A local organic skincare company that truly cares, protects and pampers your body.

Like what the name suggests, this has been built with Faith, Hope, and Love. And like the love for my father and his undying love for us, it soothes the soul, protects you, and embraces you with love and care. My heart believes that it’s his spirit that fuels and drives this company to greater heights. A father’s love is forever I must say.

The road to success is endless but I am glad we are slowly getting there. The ride is tough but thanks to my husband JP and daughter Vikka – for my constants who continue to support and love me and make the journey worth taking. Same goes to my family especially my mother and to my friends for always having my back, and for believing in me.

Shout out to FHL clients for opening your doors to our products and letting us nurture you. Thank you to Doc M for mentoring organic skincare and cosmetics – new learnings are always welcome and appreciated.

Believe me when I say, that to have Faith, Hope, and Love, is to have a life that will never go unkind.

My child was born and I all could ever feel was extreme happiness despite exhaustion and sleepless nights. Her every move and coo, everything made me feel so high.

Our History

Faith Hope Love Soap is a Filipino owned company specializing in the production of vegan skin food. We started our venture by producing soaps that are 100% safe and organic. We banked on the idea that healthy food for the body can also become healthy food for the skin. Hence, we explored the opportunity of using food or anything edible. Being a Filipino company that traces its roots from the beautiful province of Nueva Vizcaya, we chose to develop skin products that use locally produced raw materials.

Aside from soap, we have expanded to other beauty products such as facial mist, lip and cheek tint, healing balm, cologne, to hair related products. We are also continuously exploring other organic raw materials to develop more products. We share the same tender loving care for the environment and your skin. All our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Core Values

Natural is what is it should be. Our hearts yearn to be closer to nature. Nature is made for us, and we are made for nature. Our Creator meant the nature to produce for us food to nourish, revitalize and heal our being. Gifts of nature come in bounty, most especially in our motherland Philippines. Nature is a work of art and it lures us to stay beautiful and fresh. Faith, Hope and Love utilize resources from nature, yielding healthy skin food which is organic, vegan, local and cruelty-free.


Faith, Hope and Love exists to continuously develop healthy skin food. This is consistent to our belief that the keys to a long, happy and fulfilling life include a healthy body, fueled by healthy food and a healthy soul nourished by faith, hope and love.


We aim to become a household name for organic, vegan and cruelty free Filipino skin care products. Our efforts are geared toward addressing skin care problems and increasing our line of beauty and healthcare skin products.

Bug-a-bye Insect Repellent from Faith Hope Love has a refreshing citronella scent. It has a light scent that's not overpowering. This is also a nice cologne for kids and adults alike. This product is handy especially for those who are prone to insect bites. A bigger size would be nicer.


The holy grail of freshness! Having overly sensitive skin, its such a relief to find something that actually works for me and that doesnt cost me beyond 1000php. This product is heaven sent! I never leave the house without it. And since its organic I let my kids use it when were out, a definite pick me upper for freshness sake. My husband loves the way it smells too, I get rewarded with kisses just for using it. Thank yooooou FHL. So much win for this product


Hi I love the formula!! And I am soo in love with Linger! I am transitioning to clean living and minimalism and finding things that are effective with clean ingredients is so hard. I love and need multipurpose stuff so this is a really great matte lippie and cheek stain. I'm even trying it out on my eyes!