Organic & Simple

We want what's natural because it's purer, safer, milder, caring and pleasant. We use organic, that means chemical-free, ingredients to manufacture our wholly organic beauty products. Our products may be intrinsically simple, but effective.


Our products cares and respect the environment and you. Our beloved animals are precious. Since no animal is involved in the production, we prove that we uphold the highest manufacturing ethical standards. We're all about giving you the healthiest, safest and purest beauty products, with clear conscience and love.

Love Local

Truly, the Philippines is gifted with natural resources. Filipinos, hence, have innate talent with working with and through nature. Our beauty products made locally are as competitive with the perceived outstanding imported ones, if not, better in its own right.


Natural is what is it should be. Our hearts yearn to be closer to nature. Nature is made for us, and we are made for nature. Our Creator meant the nature to produce for us food to nourish, revitalize and heal our being. Gifts of nature come in bounty, most especially in our motherland Philippines.

Bug-a-bye Insect Repellent from Faith Hope Love has a refreshing citronella scent. It has a light scent that's not overpowering. This is also a nice cologne for kids and adults alike. This product is handy especially for those who are prone to insect bites. A bigger size would be nicer.


The holy grail of freshness! Having overly sensitive skin, its such a relief to find something that actually works for me and that doesnt cost me beyond 1000php. This product is heaven sent! I never leave the house without it. And since its organic I let my kids use it when were out, a definite pick me upper for freshness sake. My husband loves the way it smells too, I get rewarded with kisses just for using it. Thank yooooou FHL. So much win for this product


Hi I love the formula!! And I am soo in love with Linger! I am transitioning to clean living and minimalism and finding things that are effective with clean ingredients is so hard. I love and need multipurpose stuff so this is a really great matte lippie and cheek stain. I'm even trying it out on my eyes!